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Revenue Management

Business & Market Intelligence - The Role of BMI


What Role Does Business Intelligence Play?

Business Intelligence provides the missing ‘voice’ in business planning and decision-making:
  • the voice of the customer or client
  • the voice of the employee
  • the voice of the supplier
  • the voice of the investor

What decisions can these missing voices give you an important perspective on?

Revenue Planning Decisions - Growing the Top Line
Revenue Protection Decisions - Maintaining the Top Line

Revenue Planning - Growing the Top Line

RML-Intell assists organizational planning by identifying the opportunities, barriers and implications that influence outcomes.

Revenue Management - Business & Market Intelligence: Growing The Top Line


  • When a new product or market is being developed – identification of opportunities and comparability/distinctiveness of the proposed product versus existing products  
  • Identification of existing product usage habits and opportunities
  • When an existing product is being modified or an existing market is being targeted for a new product line extension or a new set of product benefits 
  • To identify a competitive advantage or edge
  • To benchmark where a company is positioned  for comparison against marketing or sales objectives
  • When  too little information is affecting decisions,  planning ability and  effectiveness
  • To reduce uncertainty about decision alternatives
  • When there is no or insufficient information to assist in planning
    • Available secondary information is often too general to be of assistance
    • Standard , prepared survey tools can raise more questions than they answer
  • To identify problem areas that can or will  negatively influence revenues if left unresolved  or to identify competitive strengths that need to be understood and maintained /reinforced
  • To assist in allocating scarce resources among various initiatives or issue areas.
  • To answer a business strategy or marketing  question 
  • To ensure that communications are ‘in the best language’ for clarity with the intended audiences  (customers, employees, buyers, suppliers, Board, members, executive suite, investors)
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Revenue Management
Revenue Management
Revenue Management